Member Highlight – Missy Scherber, T.Scherber

Missy Scherber runs the roll-off business for T.Scherber – an excavating, demolition, grading, dumpster, soil correction and trucking service company. Scherber has been a SWANA member for just over a year. We asked her about her engagement with the Land of Lakes Chapter, and T.Scherber’s commitment to giving back.

“I was drawn to the community that SWANA offered both locally and nationally – specifically the MentorMatch. At the time I joined I was re-writing our company’s safety program. I loved the training and certifications that SWANA offered, as well as access to tips on best practices.

At this time, SWANA best supports our work with information. The business of waste changes everyday, so having the latest research and resources to implement that research has been a game changer!

Our company has always had a strong mission of support when it comes to our clients, but we made a bold decision in the early stages to take that mission beyond the construction site and into the community. What drove that was a desire for our success to have significance. We felt that giving back to those in need was the best way to do that. We started small by Donating $5 of every dumpster to Children’s Hospital and displaying that partnership on our dumpsters that drive all around town, to also have an awareness piece. That effort has grown into a full program that, partnered with our clients, sponsors Infusion Room 26 at Children’s Hospital.

Our giving back has recently shifted to the subject of sustainability. We want to figure out how we can do our day-to-day business in a way that is better for the environment. We’re asking – does everything in this dumpster really belong in a landfill? Are all of these tear downs in our trucks really trash? Truthfully, this is a new space for me so we’ve brought on fellow SWANA member Megan, of Native Sustainability, as a consultant to help us brainstorm reliable and resourceful solutions. We’re being paid to haul and transfer materials and I feel it’s important to do that as sustainably as we can.

I see the industry changing in how they define the age-old call to action of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.’  What does that really mean? How do we do that from start to finish? I love that the our community of professionals is coming together with an understanding that this call to action takes more thoughtfulness then a labeled trash can. What we’re doing to change our sector is doing the research to identify the best practices for the ‘recycle’ piece within our specific industry (clean construction & demolition materials). And then to implement those best practices, setting an example for our peers.”

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