Floyd Forsberg Environmental Scholarship


The Minnesota Land of Lakes Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) Scholarship Committee is seeking qualified candidates for the Floyd Forsberg Environmental Scholarship. The Floyd Forsberg Environmental Scholarship is for the 2018-2019 academic year, beginning in September 2018.

SWANA is a professional association of individuals involved in resource conservation and integrated solid waste management. SWANA is an international association, and Minnesota has been a chapter of this organization since 1986.

Floyd Forsberg was the first Minnesota State Solid Waste Program Director. He began work in 1968 when there were more than 1,200 open dumps in the state. Forsberg helped develop a state plan, with a major goal to eliminate open dumps in 1970. By 1978 the majority of the dumps in Minnesota were closed and 75 new sanitary landfills had been licensed. His vision and leadership is highlighted in this award.

Scholarship Amount:

The SWANA-Land of Lakes chapter offers three scholarships. The main scholarship awarded is $3,000, with two additional $1,000 scholarships awarded to the runners up. The awards will be presented at the SWANA Annual Meeting and Dinner, part of the Annual Conference & Show, in October 2018.

Eligible Applicants:

Minnesota college students currently enrolled in Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Health, Environmental Sciences, Soil Science, Solid Waste Management or other environmental related programs located in Minnesota, with sophomore standing or higher, are eligible to apply.

To Be Considered – Application Materials:

  1. A letter of application that includes a brief description of the applicant’s career goals in the fields of solid waste, environmental quality, environmental health, or related areas. The letter should not exceed two pages in length and should include all relevant contact information including name, address, telephone and email address. Preference will be given to those applicant’s whose career goals and field of study relates to solid waste management.
  2. A copy of the student’s college transcript and/or their current graduate transcript and their degree plan.
  1. A letter of recommendation from their college advisor, or another professor who is familiar with their studies and the student’s potential for growth, development, and service in the environmental quality field.
  2. Documentation supporting the students declared major.

Deadline: In order to be considered for this year’s scholarship, applications must be emailed by Monday, April 30, 2018, to Megan Dobratz, contact information is provided below.

Please send all application materials to:

Megan Dobratz